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Battle of Arnhem

Airborne Shirt 2020


To honour the fallen of The Battle of Arnhem, we made a football shirt in the Airborne colours. On the sleeves a badge of Arnhem and a remembrance badge. On the back the names, age and regiment of the men who gave their lives.
We hope the shirts will be proudly worn in September and at the Vitesse Arnhem Airborne football match.

And yes, they did get worn. In large numbers. More than 650 shirts got made.

There are still a lot of names and we would like to get them on a shirt too. So we’ve designed a new shirt.

A donation of £1 for every sold shirt will go to Remember the Fallen fund. The beautiful logo of The Pegasus Bar Arnhem can be applied on the front for £6. Another £5 will be donated if you choose this option.


Notice, the sizes from L and up are smaller than regular. Order 1 size bigger! See size chart below.